Social Media is a vast platform and has proved to be the best medium to reach out to people of all walks. At present, social media is the best medium for targeting the right customers by anticipating their needs and likes and then strategically meeting them. DNM, a leading social media agency in Bangalore, constantly follows the latest trends in the market and meets the needs of its clients. We make sure that our client connects with their target audience regularly. When compared to traditional marketing, SMM is cost-effective, brings high-volume traffic, increases digital exposure, exhibits the brand, and gains loyal customers. As a top social media agency in Bangalore, we work closely with brands and assist them in showcasing their values through creativity.

What do we offer?

Building Strategies

An effective social media strategy is essential to growing a brand through social media. Building a social media strategy we find the right audience for our clients online and target them specifically. We generate unique strategies for our clients and make sure that every post, reply, like, and comment serves a purpose.

Content Strategy

A perfect content strategy is essential for the effective execution of a social media strategy. We make sure that the content online, adds value to the brand we are working for and is appealing to the target audiences. Contents we generate are precise, interesting and creative. We make sure that the contents elevate brand visibility.

Ideal media mix

As an experienced SMM company, we understand the needs of our clients and formulate an efficient media mix that is formulated to reach the target audience. Prominent social media platforms are used to communicate and interact with potential customers. Apart from the mainstream social media platforms we also use professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Media Monitoring

Being one of the best SMM company in Bangalore, we do not just publish the contents on social media platforms. We analyze the content and map the leads generated. If at all the strategy fails to serve the purpose, we enhance the strategy to drive quality traffic. With proper data analysis, we drive cost-effective campaigns for our clients.

Other Services


A well-planned Search Engine optimization paves the way to systematic organic lead generation.

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People depend on the internet for all sorts of information. Thus, it is most important for B2B and direct marketers to ensure that their websites have good positioning in search results.

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In a scenario where almost every communication is done electronically, direct mail is a sure way to turn people into prospective customers. They also have the benefit of being made more attractive than a simple mail.

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